The Tournament


Las Vegas 3on3 will be home to every kind of baller there is: short, tall, college standout, rec league champion, intramural player, gym rat, etc. Even if you haven’t picked up a ball since your high school glory days, we want you to play! After that, it's anyone's game.

The Elite Division of Las Vegas 3on3 may represent a small fraction of our teams, but it shines as arguably the most competitive ball out there. Las Vegas 3on3 encourages all collegiate athletes to check with their Athletic Directors prior to participating in Las Vegas 3on3 as prizes are given to the winners of each bracket. Las Vegas 3on3 is not an NCAA certified event.

Division Options

Elite Divisions ($200: male open, male 6’ and under, female open)
Standard Divisions ($160: adult male, adult female, and adult co-ed)
High School Varsity Division ($140: Findlay 'Kings of the Court' and 'Queens of the Court' Division)
Standard High School ($140: male and female grades 9 through 12 as of September 2018)
Standard Middle School ($140: male and female grades 6 through 8 as of September 2018)

Team Registration Cost

Elite Divisions ($200)
Standard Divisions ($160)
High School and Middle School ($140)

Competition Level

You will choose one of two competition levels that best describes your team's style of play, as follows:


For those players whose primary goals are to have fun and receive the newest Las Vegas 3on3 Player Shirt. You enjoy basketball, but realize it's just a game.


For players of all ages whose competitive juices are flowing. Sure, you're a good sport, but your team has active, talented players who really want to compete.

Las Vegas 3on3

October 12-13, 2019
Las Vegas Festival Grounds



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